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Living a healthy life can seem like a challenge for some people while it comes naturally to others. When cities measure their health index they take into consideration what their residents are doing to stay healthy. Alabama residents have been shown in the latest statistics to be living a very balanced lifestyle. Average BMI is often less than 30, most people don’t smoke and 80% of people have health insurance coverage.

Now if you are looking to give your life a healthy boost then here are some helpful tips on how to stay healthy.

A) Walk More – It is no question that in today’s day and age driving is much more popular than walking. People drive to get to work, school, and just about anywhere you can think of. The problem is people drive too much and fail to walk. It is important to walk whenever you are able to, for instance, try parking further away from the store you wanted to go to so that you have to walk further to reach it.

B) Skip Elevators – Don’t get too comfortable with elevators. They are useful especially when trying to get somewhere quickly but most people use them constantly. Standing around does nothing for your health. If you are not in a rush, take the stairs and walk your way up to the floor you were trying to reach for a quick exercise boost.

C) Use Local Gyms – There are plenty of gyms and health clubs in even the smallest of towns. These local facilities often have expensive equipment that you can use for a fraction of the cost. Attending these local facilities will also give you a chance to meet with other health-conscious people making exercising more fun in a group.

D) Explore The Outdoors – No access to a gym? No problem. Enjoy the great outdoors, there are countless trails, paths, and parks for you to enjoy and take advantage of. Connecting back with nature is something too many of us skip due to our daily electronic distractions but it can often be the cure for stress.

E) Balanced Diet – Apart from exercising, eating and drinking are what will make you healthy or unhealthy. The great thing is it is all up to you! Focus on eating at a caloric deficit if you are trying to lose weight and eat healthy foods. This means increase the amount of plant-based meals you are having in your diet and try to only drink water.

F) Hotel Choice – If you are planning on vacationing or visiting Birmingham, AL then you need to find a great hotel. Sleeping in a safe and comfy room can make a trip be amazing while a bad room can put you in a bad room. Choose one with free access to a pool and gym to further maximize your health efforts.

In conclusion, life can be stressful and challenging at times but you can still have a healthy lifestyle. It doesn’t take more than an hour each day to ensure that you are exercising enough and eating healthy can be made easy with a few great cookbooks and a calorie counting app.